Ingredients of Nature

Prispex S.L.U is a multinational company supplying active ingredients from plant sources. In the context of global integration, we optimize raw materials from all over the world:

  • Norwegian – Bilberry

  • Chinese – Ginseng

  • American – Saw Palmetto

  • South American – Acerola Cherry

  • Indian – Turmeric

  • African – Griffonia seeds

  • … and other raw materials.

Our Mission

  • We concern and control harmful substances while obtaining plant ingredients as efficiently as possible.
  • We pay attention to the protection of plant resources and achieve sustainable development.
  • We respect the rules, beliefs and traditions of our customers.
  • We innovate and improve the plant ingredients constantly to obtain better therapeutic effects under the premise of green and natural.
  • We strive to control the cost while ensuring quality.

Quality Policy

We conduct all production, trade, transportation and service activities under the FDA and EU GMP guidelines.

We ensure that all our products are fully meet the requirements of our customers at all times. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and business operational systems is essential to realizing that goal. To realize our mission, we are building an organization that can provide supply chain services that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. In order to secure the fulfillment of those requirements and expectations we implement a quality management system that is also suitable to support our operations.

We monitor the development of quality requirements in the market and develop our quality management system with it so it can meet customer requirements at any moment in time.

Management ensures that all employees understand the quality management system and implement the processes defined. To ensure a proper functioning of the quality management system a quality assurance function has been integrated in the organization. The quality assurance function reports objectively on the functioning of the quality management system and when required intervenes and initiates corrective and preventive actions.

“Harmony of Man with Nature for a Better World—-Promote mutually beneficial relations between clients, consumers, suppliers and PRISPEX to realize enterprise and environmental sustainability、traceability development.”


Plant Extract

We provide natural derived active ingredients for health care, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Healthy Plant Oil

Healthy plant oil without solvent residue, supplement essential nutrients for human body.

Modified Active Ingredients

Modified the structure of natural products to achieve lower cost and better efficacy.

Customized Product

Customize the natural active ingredients according to your require, creative thinking create a better life.

Four Corner Stones

Supply of sustainable raw materials
Innovation in extract development
Legal support
Specialized technical-commercial services

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